About Plan Global Recruitment

Recruiters of healthcare marketing people in Cities all over World.

Plan Global Recruitment was formed to focus on specific areas of marketing and communications within the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry. We now have a global client network of international pharmaceutical corporates, medical organisations, healthcare consultancies and leading research agencies throughout the world.

The type of people we recruit have the ability to deliver vital insights and market knowledge as well as capabilities to bring essential healthcare products to the market that improve the wellbeing of communities throughout the world.

We have a reputation for being able to source people that our competitors cannot. This comes down to an understanding of what businesses ultimately want to achieve rather than simply matching up skills with a job specification.

We surprise new clients with our knowledge of the industry and our ability to get it right from the word go. We are regarded as being personable, informed, meticulous, trustworthy and swift to deliver. This credibility in the industry allowed us to grow an incredible network of global clients in a relatively short time frame

Today we are preferred suppliers for many of the world’s leading consultancies and corporates in the healthcare industry.

What exactly do we do?

Initially we started recruiting for market research and market access consultancies in the UK & Europe. We latterly expanded to cover a broader range of strategic healthcare marketing on a global level. We now recruit in the following areas Worldwide:

Who do we recruit for?

Years of hard work and determination has paid off and we now boast an impressive network of clients that we regularly do business with. We are taking on new clients all the time as our reputation spreads so this is a very exciting time of growth for us. You can refer to our clients tab above and you will get a snap shot of some of the companies that we recruit for. The types companies that we recruit for include:

  • Healthcare Market Research Agencies
  • Market Access Consultancies
  • Strategy and Marketing firms
  • Healthcare & Medical Communications companies
  • Global Pharmaceutical, Bio Pharmaceutical and Medical Corporations

We do not measure success on the volumes of business we achieve but on the number of satisfied customers we have.

Our Clients